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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Parade Eve~ 
12th-Jun-2010 12:00 am
Well, the sun is finally going to come out tomorrow for the parade (yes, I'll need those sunglasses, Deanna)! Unbelievable, as this is already the second wettest June on record (and it's only the 11th).

We managed to make it waaaay across town to the Vietnamese champagne toast. They were just popping the corks when we got there. We ate and Charlie gave them gifts, and then we left. When we got back to the office, we changed into our purple duds purchased just last night and headed to the Royal Purple V.I.P. Party at the Marriott. We walked the four or so blocks.

I got to meet Tom DeSanto (writer and exec producer of X-Men) and Kerry O'Quinn of Starlog and Fangoria fame. They're in town as judges for the Youth Silent Film Festival. Both were charming and very complimentary of the festival. DeSanto is hot and was very solicitous, practically begging to get me something to drink, even water.

Anyway, we stayed less than an hour, then went back to the office to get ready for tomorrow. We finally got packed up by 10:30 or so and home by 11:00. Now I'm showered and ready to relax and hopefully get a couple hours sleep. I can't believe it will all be over in a little over 12 hours.

Hopefully there won't be breaking news about Kyron Horman, the missing boy from Skyline Elementary. If there is, it will interrupt our telecast, the first time in my career that would happen. Since the outcome is probably not going to be good, it would really be a downer. And considering what a completely screwed up year we've had, it wouldn't surprise me. But I refuse to believe it will happen. Jeff and I made a pact to be positive for the two days we have left.

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12th-Jun-2010 07:51 am (UTC)
Wow what a fun thing to meet all of those important people. I never thought about the news about that little boy coming during the parade. I sure hope that doesn't happen. Good luck tomorrow and we are all so excited to come down and watch. Dot will be at my house at seven and I will drive her to the front of the entry way and then go park in the lot at Rose Garden. She has trouble walking and bad breathing so we will just take it slow when we leave.

Wayne called me twice from the Rose Cup Races and they were having lots of fun. He really appreciates the tickets a lot and so does his wife Holly and his two friends. One of them is coming to the parade also. The floats looked great on the late night news. Love you both and will see you in the morning. Love Sue
12th-Jun-2010 03:29 pm (UTC)

According to the Weather Channel the entire weekend is looking good for using those virtual sunglasses (and your real ones!) in Portland so YIPPEE!! for that! :)

I have been meaning to post about Kyron because it is a story close to my heart,not only because he's a missing child but also because he is the same age as my Kamryn and their names are similiar. When I first heard the story on tv,Kamryn was outside and I had to go make sure she was okay lest some higher power was trying to tell me SHE was missing! My absolute worst nightmare,let me tell ya! :(

I agree in as much as we are hoping for happy news the chances are becoming of it being happy are dwindling,and regardless I hope any news doesn't interrupt and dampen your telecast!

I still can't understand how he went missing from school of all places (and in the morning,too,right?),and I have to wonder if most of the info the authorities have is being withheld from the public because what I do know makes no sense to me at all. So incredibly sad. :(

Anyway,good luck with the rest of the festival,Marilyn! ♥
12th-Jun-2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Luck! Warmth! Success!! and LOVE!

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