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Too much of a good thing?

It's nearly noon, and the same fifth set is still being played by John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. I think it's something like 45/45 right now. It's just crazy . . . they've broken every record in tennis history, for time, for games, for aces, for everything.

We need to go get flowers and get some planted, if we're ever gonna have any this summer. (If we're ever gonna have a summer, that is.) Actually, yesterday and today are only partly cloudy and in the 70s, so it's almost like summer.

Watched Twilight New Moon On Demand last night after my massage, in preparation for next week's release of Eclipse. I don't wanna miss out on a midnight movie opportunity, especially one where the girls all shriek and giggle a lot. Man, teen vampire love is sure angsty, especially when there are really big trees.

I have to say that the male, um, pulchritude of that movie is pretty fine. I'm feeling a bit obsessed with RPattz' hip flexors today.

Isner now has 90 aces for the match . . . shoot me now. The game score is now 48/47.(Breaking News on Twitter: "BP insists they're doing all they can to stop the Isner/Mahut match")

ETA: 59/59, suspended again for darkness.

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