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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Back to Reality (sorta)~ 
28th-Jun-2010 12:42 am
alfred hand-on-face
So, in a few hours I'll be back to work. Was I ever all that gone? I checked in every day, answered emails and even went in once. So it's not like I'll have stuff piled up.

It will be a short but difficult week. We're only open through Wednesday, then off for a five-day holiday, one of the few allowances we make to the horrific spring schedule. But then Jeff will be on vaca for nearly three weeks, and I'll be 'in charge' of all the summer projects and overall operation of the office.

I'm satisfied with what we accomplished during the past week. Even if we didn't get a lot of cleaning done in the house, we got a great start on the yard. In fact, despite the need to get the deck re-painted (and the house painted), the backyard is great. I need to get the hedges trimmed up front, and I want to have somebody look at the trees, but the latter is something that will have to be hired out (as will the painting).

I finished one fanfic story that I had been working on for months. And it got more feedback than anything I've written in ages, especially considering the relatively small fan base. I actually got two private emails about it, which almost never happens. And although I only got a couple comments at LJ, I got lots at Yahoo.

Then yesterday I wrote a quick-and-dirty slash parody where all the Barkley brothers had defied their father's prohibition against 'Nancy-boys.' I had a blast with it and also got some nice reactions.

I'm going to continue to write, despite everything else going on. I may give the Writers Group another month off and continue to concentrate on fanfic. I still love it, and I feel like I've improved in the past couple of years. And it's one of my favorite recreations.

Time for bed . . . a 7:30am meeting is looming.

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28th-Jun-2010 02:40 pm (UTC)
On your sister's rec I added you to my list.
28th-Jun-2010 05:01 pm (UTC)
Fantastic! I've heard so much about you thru Charlie, and I wanted the chance to get to know you myself.
28th-Jun-2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
You always ROCK -- and manage to do so much, whether on vacation or no.

I think I like holding off on our Writing Circle for now. You've inspired me, and I might like to write some fanfic myself, believe it or not! Good idea -- thanks!

Your fic was AMAZING. Great writing (as always) and so spot on. Having watched that pilot last night, I feel even more convinced that it was an ideal fanfic. You deserved all the good feedback, and then some!

We'll get more done over the summer, even while not on vaca. And we did get a GREAT start in the yard, that's for sure. Makes me happy! More to come!

This IS going to be a hard week, but we'll survive it. Just like we survived the festival (even though it was brutal this year). No worries. And we'll find fun things to help us get through (like the movie this week).

Go, US!
28th-Jun-2010 05:03 pm (UTC)
So, I want us to definitely set up the Lancer_Slash community (I mean, it's started, but not STARTED, with cool banners and icons and all). And you already love writing westerns, so I want you to write some Lancer slash . . . I'm already famous (or infamous) for what I've done--we might as well have a list at LJ that becomes a collection of Lasher slash!!!!

Oh, speaking of working, I guess I better get back to it . . .
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