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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
I want to DO my DVR! 
15th-Jul-2010 01:43 am
OMG, I thought I couldn't get more obsessed with my DVR. Aside from making it BIGGER, with more ROOM, Comcast has just upgraded my DVR to make it even hotter.

Somebody get me a cigarette RIGHT NOW!

First off, since I got a DVR a couple years ago (three?), I've been completely nuts over it. (Charlie makes gentle fun of me, although I should mention that people who live in glass houses . . . but that's digressing . . .) It right away became important for two things: First, it holds my current obsessions, bits and pieces of them or whole movies or TV shows, stuff I want to watch compulsively or listen to while I sleep, let's call some of them FETISHES.

Second, during the festival it holds massive amounts of news shows that I later have to clear off and put on dvds. I actually did this awful task the other night, and it took me over two hours.

Right now my oldest DVR recording is a 2008 Tonight Show (February 22) featuring Colin Farrell. It was a skinny Colin with a lot of long hair and a couple earrings, getting ready for the Golden Globes when 'In Bruges' was nominated. Meaning he was filming 'Ondine' at the time. He was charming and cute and evidently worth saving.

My latest recording is a History Channel 'Wild West Tech' on gunslingers, something I recorded today and have already watched a little of. I've seen it before, but since I'm writing 'Lancer' fanfic these days, it comes in handy because it has a lot of stuff about guns. And I'm also recording a lot of episodes of 'The Virginian' from Encore Westerns, because right now they feature a character I always loved, Stacy Grainger. (Charlie just put in a friends request of his actor at Facebook, hehe.) On Monday I transferred two episodes to a dvd, but now I have two more to do.

In between I have tons of snippets of shows, plus a couple 'Law & Orders' from the last two seasons, one with particularly good stuff with Mike Cutter (like the one where the guy tries to shoot him while he's taking a victory piss in the Courthouse bathroom) and the other I just realized is a two-hour episode from this season that I've never watched back.

I have some fetish films, like American Psycho and Newsies and A Perfect Murder . . . and a 2005 movie called Lie With Me that's about a young woman who's VERY free spirited when it comes to sex. I have the 'Making of Miami Vice' and 'Terminator Salvation' and 'Public Enemies.' I have seven minutes of the Saturday Night Live with Bradley Cooper where he spoofed the Christian Bale rant and nine minutes of the TV version of Phone Booth with the deleted scene with Jared Leto (all those years before Alexander).. I have a 'Faith & Fame' from the Gospel Channel about Michael W. Smith. And an MTV special on Britney Spears' best moments at the VMAs.

Anyway, it's taken years to collect all my treasures, which is why I have to constantly keep cleaning stuff off. I'm 65% full right now, with only a few hours of stuff I need to watch and delete. And the only way I can upgrade this puppy is to turn it in and get a new piece of equipment--and thus lose all the stuff I've collected.

I noticed recently that the menu options for MY DVR had disappeared, and some folders had appeared, tossing all my unwatched Jeopardy episodes into the same folder. It was weird and a little frustrating, because I had no way left to check on my upcoming recordings, another obsession.

So now I just visited MY DVR and found new options! One is Manage My DVR, a place where I can 'Clean Up' my DVR with mass deletions (!!), one a place where I can look at the recent history of what I've recorded and deleted.

The coolest new feature? Search & Record, something even better than 'Search & Destroy' in war games. Here I can search for something I want to record and set up the recording from there. And the best part of the searching? I can search on either an actor or a director and then SAVE the searches. And those searches find talk show appearances, not just movies!

I now have four saved searches. Feel free to guess who the actors in question might be . . .

Okay, one of my major obessions is now outed. So go back to downloading aps for your iPhones and leave me in peace. I have very little left to hide.

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15th-Jul-2010 09:04 am (UTC)
Okay, I know I make fun, but I actually like this obsession you have with the DVR. First, it means you'll always have something that I really want (!!!) -- so that's a good thing. But mostly because it defines you so well: The people you like, the interests you have and those movies and shows that you can't live without.

Little did we know growing up 'in love' with the television that it would come to THIS one day! Of COURSE you want to 'do' your DVR. Didn't you grow up wanting to 'do' the TV? And the DVR is the very-modern TV!

By the way, if sister Sue happens to read this (Sue???), I'm often reminded how she made fun of us for our love of TV -- and how she's now got a mad love affair of her own! (smile) Who'da thunk it?

Even I wouldn't be certain who those four actors might be. But, yeah, I could guess a couple, anyway. (heh)

Meanwhile, it wouldn't hurt us to put SOME of this stuff on DVDs, just to be 'safe.' I worry about things getting dumped and breaking your heart. (It's happened before!)
16th-Jul-2010 09:03 am (UTC)
You could at least have made a guess of the four . . . oh, you know who they are. (I can't spell McConaghey--that's wrong!)

Putting stuff on DVDs isn't all that easy, is it? Oh, well! The good thing is, everything comes around again. Except Lancer of course.
15th-Jul-2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
You sound like you're in a good mood. I loved reading your post.

obessions and fetishes are, well, fun.

Deb and me watch encore Westerns all the time. It's usually what we fall to sleep with at night (we each have a tv in our bedrooms). I bet you couldn't name a movie we haven't seen.

There's one we hate, I think it's called Dirty Billy, maybe Dirty Little Billy, lol. It's about Billy The Kid, the guy who acts that part is so repulsive.

Another one I hate I saw here recently, Five Nasty Men, something like that, they rape a woman and they're sweating like pigs and make horrible faces while they're doing it, gross me out. It's made around 1970 and a Indian man saves her from dying, because they leave her tied spread-eagle out in the desert.

But of course we've seen some really good movies too.

I don't have a DVR but it sounds wonderful.
16th-Jul-2010 09:06 am (UTC)
OMG, I think that was Michael J. Pollard you're talking about. I agree it's obscene for him to portray Billy. I'm still waiting for the right actor to do that role ('cuz it wasn't Emilio Estevez, either).

Yes, I was in an excellent mood when I saw the improvement to the Comcast DVR. It's about time!

I live for fetishes. I'm a walking fetish, in fact. I just go from obsession to obsession. And sometimes my obsessions surprise even me!
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