July 4th, 2005

luv ya--marilyn monroe: charliemc

Great Weekend!

Well, it certainly took more than an hour or so to finish the yard, but it was well worth it! It looks as beautiful as it ever has. I'll include photos soon.

Federer was amazing this morning. I fell asleep during the third set after staying up all night, but I listened after to McEnroe's comments and the comments of Jimmy Connors. Who'da-thunkit? Glad to be alive to witness the most brilliant player of all time. (Today it wasn't even boring . . .)

We got some food to enjoy tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be picture perfect. I feel like we deserve this, after all we've been through this year.

Joey fatjoey actually posted in his LJ! I'm so proud! And he did a crazy Top Ten things he hates in LOTR slash. Hilarious and outrageous, as always.

I've been surfing around LJ adding friends so I can read their fic. And, I joined a couple new communities, one recced by Brian brn_gamble for rare slash pairings rareslash. I also joined one of the communities that does timed stories, because Charlie and I cut our teeth on those. I'd love to try one again.

I found these fabulous 'Master & Commander' mood icons that I'd love to have, but I could never make the link work.

Anyway . . . I'm just feeling great. Shout out to all my friends! Happy 4th of July to you Americans! And Happy Summer to those of you who aren't.
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