July 24th, 2005

janice rose: charliemc

List moderation stuff

Prepared the poll for the 'Destiny' Drabble Challenge at the Alexander slash list. We had 14 entries (including Charlie and mine), so that was good participation for a two-week contest. That list continues to be very active, and with 'Alexander' coming out on DVD in ten days, the subject matter should get even more popular for a while. We've had just under 200 posts this month, while the Colin slash list has dropped off a lot recently, with fewer than half the posts we had last month.

I've come up with a new Colin challenge to post next week. I still haven't heard a word from Sara (who won the last one), so I've never sent her the 'Tigerland' DVD. Gotta come up with a prize for the next one.

And I've got to start concentrating on a few lists that have gotten no attention lately, but there's only so much time in the day! Fandom certainly takes a lot of energy sometimes.

Ebay rocks!

Won another autographed photo of Jeremy Renner at Ebay! I had totally lost track of the time when the email came through. I was the only bidder for this one, but it was a little more expensive than the last.

God, it's fun.

I have so much to do (fanfic, my manifesto, bills to pay), but I thought I might play Slingo with Sue and her friend Rock (who we originally met playing Slingo). He's staying at Sue's for a couple days, and we drove around Portland today to show him around. (It was a beautiful day here . . . perfect.)

I'm going to use LJ to keep my exercise logs. All I have to do is lock the posts, and it seems like a good idea. (We'll see.) I used my ab machine last night, and my stomach is screaming now.