September 1st, 2005


Andre's second round

Andre's up two sets now against the Lurch-like Croatian (who is really pissing both Andre and Johnny Mac off with his slow pace between points). This guy is even better than I thought. He can actually hit a few shots besides the serve.

Nadal kicked butt last night, but the American kid was a pleasure to watch (as was his dad).

Slept through Hewitt yesterday, as well as his ex-fiance. I've gotta start going to bed at night and getting up in the morning.

The weather forecast is starting to sound a little sucky for the weekend. Hope it's nice at least part of the time. If I didn't have a nail appt. tomorrow, we'd go to Wildlife Safari.

Sue sent Rock packing, so he's headed back home now. Too bad. I really liked him and thought he was good for her, but he's probably better off.
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