September 2nd, 2005


Getting a little political . . .

Hmmm . . . I've been trolling around (better watch how I use that phrase!) my flist leaving pretty political comments, something I rarely do (except at cruisedirector's LJ, because I feel comfortable doing so there).

But it's hard not to feel like the situation in New Orleans is racism at its most blatant and obvious in this country. The proportion of white faces we see in the video evidence is maybe 1% of the suffering.

And giving money seems almost pointless when there's nobody in charge who seems to know what the f**k to do right now. I'm starting to agree with just_jimbo! Why wasn't martial law imposed from the beginning?

Now we can sit around and scratch our heads about people firing guns at the supposed rescuers. If we start blaming the suffering people for their plight, does this ease our guilt at not being able to help?

Why are we not seeing this on T.V. 24/7? It seems ridiculous to be listening to Jay Leno's jokes when tens of thousands are without homes, food or water right here in our own country.

I think we'll be talking about this for weeks, months and years to come . . . Hope the finger-pointing takes a backseat to recognizing the real issues. We are unprepared for a national disaster. 9-11 was one thing. This is another.

We're not as advanced as we think. A comment about our 21st Century lifestyle regressing to a Third World situation overnight is probably the best description I've heard of what's happened.
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Pioneer Woman's Grave

Today we decided to get out and enjoy the late summer weather. So we went to Starbucks out in east county, then drove up Hwy. 26 to Mount Hood to take the back way to Hood River. It was about 4:30-ish, and we were completely avoiding all the rush hour traffic. We saw this sign just as we got past the summit of the mountain that said "Pioneer Woman's Grave." So we backtracked and ended up driving more than two miles through the woods to the old Barlow Trail. We hiked back in the woods a ways, but we weren't dressed for it. Bad shoes and clothes and no water or anything.

Anyway, we thought we'd missed seeing the grave, but we had only managed to drive past without seeing it. So, on our way back to the highway, we stopped and visited the grave.

Naturally we had left home without the digital camera, something we will not do again on this vacation! No, I'm never going to be another cruisedirector with fantastic photos every day. But it would have been cool to have gotten a picture. Instead I'll put this link to some info and photos.

Now I'm going to have to find these other graves listed. (I *love* old graves and graveyards. Those destroyed cemeteries in New Orleans are bothering me as much as anything. I've probably spent as much time in those as I have in bars in the Big Easy -- that's a lot of time.)

God, it was a gorgeous drive. The land around Hood River is amazing, all the orchards and farms. And, of course, the Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful sights on this planet. (See earlier post about Vista House.)

I love living in Oregon.
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Sometimes people suck (and not in a good way)

I was appalled to hear that heartofslash had racist comments posted to her wonderful 'Kingdom of Heaven' stories that feature Saladin.

This makes me sick. I know it happens. I hear about this sort of thing, but I'm still innocent enough about all this LJ stuff to be amazed. Naturally, the comments were anonymous. Here at LJ it's easy enough to check up on each other if we're registered users. This is why I gack IPs of anonymous folks, just so I can let them know I care where they are, if nothing else.

Why would you take the time to even read something if you're racist or anti-slash (or anti-mpreg or anti-whatever)? I have to think it's coming from someone registered at a community where she posts who wants to go in and say something without it being traced and doesn't have the courage to do so openly. (Cowardly friggers!)

And, yes, people are racist, even in fandom. As I mentioned in Haleth's LJ, we have lots of people who are anti-Bagoas at our Alexander lists, mostly because he's Persian, not Macedonian/Greek (Eastern, not Western). Oh, they wouldn't agree with that if they read it. They'd say it's because Alexander/Hephaistion is the One True Pairing and Jared Leto is so beautiful as Hephaistion and blah blah blah. But much of it is just racist. Charlie and I encountered the same phenomenon when we started loving the Backstreet Boys and read how many of the fans reacted to Howie and his ethnicity. ("He's so dark and ugly!" Um, you mean he's Latino?)

(Hmmmm . . . takes me back to leod casting Howie in the role of Bagoas in his fantasy LJ.)

In the light of current events (remember those people suffering and dying right this minute down south?), it's especially sickening. I know the Saladin thing gets those anti-Muslim folks worked up. But 'Kingdom of Heaven' was clearly designed to make us see both sides, albeit in a somewhat clumsy and heavy-handed way. I just find it sadly ironic.

Still, regardless of your likes, dislikes, religious affiliation or political views, if you don't enjoy the stuff you're reading, 'turn the damn channel' LJ style! This isn't a school assignment. Nobody's forcing you to read it.

ETA: Here's a link to Haleth's website Heart of Slash for some good fanfic reads.
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