September 3rd, 2005


Big Day at the U.S. Open

Nadal is down a break in the third set. Not exactly sure how he let this happen, but he better get his shit together if he's gonna beat a resurging James Blake. Yes, the crowd is going nuts, and I'll have to suck up a lot of comments about it at my Nadal community (which is mostly Europeans). There are some great stalker chicks there who actually saw Nadal practicing yesterday and got some good photos.

Why do I have such a fatalistic attitude about today? I know Andre has a tough match, and it was clear from the beginning that this Blake/Nadal pairing would be dangerous. I've been burned at too many U.S. Opens, I guess.

I feel so great about James Blake's recent progress, but the American I want to see win today has the intials A.A. My number one wish for this year's Open was to see Andre make it to the second week, and he has a match to go.

Gasquet came back and won in five. During the second set tie-break it sounded like he was a sure loser. (Tennis commentary is always so wonderfully maddening, even with the very intelligent and honest comments from McEnroe. Don't get me started about the old days with Tony Trabert . . . !)

Think I'll write my hundred words for ka100. It's the least I can do.

ETA: Nadal lost.
ETA: Agassi won!
ETA: Here's the link to my drabble: "Castle Heart"
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