January 2nd, 2006

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Cleaning up for the new year!

I've nearly finished cleaning up piles and piles of filing and garbage from my office. I actually *did* wear my pajamas to work today, and I'm playing 'Out of Africa' while I sit here. I still have a lot of stuff to go through and arrange, but it's nice to have so many of the dusty piles gone. If a pile of filing is gathering dust, can it really hold anything important?

It may be time to clean up more than my office, I'm afraid. Once again, my on line experiences are not proving to be all that joyful, and intrigue is the word of the day (why is that so often true?). But I trust that will clear up, and my message to some of you is, hang in there, don't give up. You have something to offer your friends, so please keep on offering it! (But, alas, yes, it can be very, very confusing. I made a huge mistake becoming too close to someone . . . but it wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.)

So, I left my LJ up while the IT person was putting something on my brand new, beautiful computer. Nice. Funny, considering recent posts. Oh, well. I'm sure she already thinks knows I'm a bit odd. (But perhaps not as odd as others might think?)

It will be a huge pleasure to walk into this office tomorrow, with it so cleaned up. And it will inspire me to do more and get even more organized! (I guess I'm going to have to, if I'm going to juggle a six-day-a-week work schedule with all my on line activities . . . I actually wanted to put "lol" after that, even though I never do.)

ETA: Just noticed that the subheader of my LJ is "The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction." Uh, yeah.
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