January 22nd, 2006


The New World

What a visual experience. 'The New World' had probably the most opulent photography (or cinematography) I've ever seen in a film.

I've read it described as "meandering." Yes. Sometimes the narrative seems to disappear altogether, and I really couldn't tell if it was a flashback, a dream, or if I was just being ignorant. I'm sure that was on purpose, since John Smith thinks of his time with Powhatan's people as dreamlike.

I think it should have been called 'Pocahontas,' although that name is only used in the credits, not on screen. But I'm sure Disney did that chance in with their animated version. Kilcher was amazing, and I just loved the sight of her being presented to the Queen -- she looked exactly like the images we grew up with.

And Colin was as beautiful as he's ever been. His voice was lyrical and good for John Smith, although he rarely had what you could call dialogue. Smith was such a poetic writer and supposedly an amazing speaker, someone I grew up fascinated with (much like Alexander). And, of course, controversial, like the story (did Smith *really* love Pocahontas?).

I loved the sight of Colin's tattoos, even his ring tattoo. And he still had his Alexander physique, or much of it. (Sighing here.)

What I'll remember: Colin's eyes, his hair, his mouth, his voice. And everything else.

And damn Malick for not getting this picture out in time for most of this year's awards. I'm sure he doesn't care, but it's really too bad. The theater we were in was absolutely packed -- standing room only.

On a totally different note: Roddick is out of Australia. And Sue is home from the hospital already. And I need to do a post-dated entry with my workouts for the week.
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