April 5th, 2006

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One year ago today . . .

One year ago this very minute (that is, Wednesday of the first week in April) Charlie and I were walking around Caesar's Palace with Marcia. We were preparing to get up the next morning and visit the Titanic exhibit and then shop and fool around until Cynthia and then the girls got into town.

Wow. What a great trip that was!

I sent Kelly flowers (speaking of the girls), and she got 'em today. She left me the nicest voice mail. I just wanted to wish her luck on their auction (which is Sunday). She's coming to lineup meeting next Thursday (as a 'committee member' now that she's not my assistant anymore). Then, coincidentally, Adrian is coming that same day to do the media orientation for the court. It will be a great day having two of my girls back.

I miss them so much.

One more day of work (and five meetings in a row again tomorrow), then I'm off for four whole days. We're going to Ira's screening on Saturday (and maybe the after party), and we might do an overnight at the beach or somewhere with the free hotel I was given a couple years ago. We'll see. Friday (my bday) is supposed to be the warmest day of the year so far, but stormy.

Today I picked up 'Brokeback' and 'Goblet of Fire.' Now I need to go do the treadmill, I guess. Sigh.

(NOTE: One of those weird cable channels was playing one of my favorite eps of 'Girl From UNCLE' tonight. Oy.)
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