July 13th, 2006

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Rain and tennis . . .

Record rainfall today in Portland (does that sound impossible?). It was almost a non-issue to me, because I didn't take a break today (still, I only worked 9 1/2 hrs, so no big). But now that we want to go play tennis after work, it was a little bit of a downer. Hopefully we can go play tomorrow night.

Friday we're taking our rackets to be re-strung (which we haven't done in a couple decades). And we're getting a new case of balls. I'm also going to try to get Rich interested in playing again. He used to play and would like to get back to it. And I wish I could get Jeff interested, because he's a natural athlete, and it would be a great sport for him. And of course there's always Mitch.

Do I prefer to play with guys? Oh, yes. I always did. (I'm talking about tennis here, folks!)

Still, if it's just Charlie and me for now, that's okay. We're both excited to get back to it.

In the meantime, I need to go do the treadmill, so I might as well suck it up and do it.

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Damn flash reports!

Okay, I just had to verbally vent for the second year in a row about the financial process we use this time of year to calculate where we'll come out at year-end. We call it our 'flash report' and the process is simple enough: Look at your revenue/expenses and update the spreadsheet based on the general ledger information and your knowledge of what's yet to come, *then* fill out a report that explains the discrepencies that are both $1,000 or more *plus* 5% or more from budget.

It's the "from budget" part that flips me out, because back in late April we did this exact thing to try to anticipate where we'd be, and we called it the 'forecast.' Our budgets are done in October, we like to get a snapshot right before the festival, then we need to figure out where we actually are prior to our annual meeting (two weeks from today).

Seems to me we should be looking at a spreadsheet that tells us how well we did on our forecast, so that process makes some sense. Until two years ago we did what was called an "adjusted budget," and we made our comparisons to that. Now our forecast is just a waste of time -- at least doing the detailed reports is.

And why do I have to relive the same pain I felt in April? I knew then my big budget was going to underperform. Why can't I now be congratulating myself that my forecast was only 3% from actual rather than the 11% discrepency from the original budget.

I had to put this bitch up, because I know I'll feel the same way in a year, and I might as well be able to chuckle at my inability to change a flawed process.

ETA: Make that 10% from the original budget! Things are looking a little better at the moment.

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