July 19th, 2006


Slow down, it's summer!

I can't believe I have seven meetings today -- in the middle of July! It's crazy. I worked until 8:00 last night (and thank goodness Charlie helped me out) to finish the industry award applications, so we didn't get to play tennis (bummer). Then I had a site check first thing this morning, followed by a meeting on the film project, a managers meeting on staffing, a meeting with our finance consultant on the flash report (!) and I just finished an informational interview with one of our dedicated non-elected volunteers who needs a job.

Now I have to prepare for our parade recap meeting, which I'm dreading (and I'm not sure just why . . .).

Anyway, tonight we'll play tennis. Somebody outbid me on eBay for the rackets I was going for, so I upped my bid. I can't give up that easily!

It's supposed to get up into the high 90s this weekend, so we're going to have to get to bed early and be prepared to hit the courts before the heat of the day. That will be a challenge!!

Off to yet another meeting . . . I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like a big yellow tennis ball!

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