July 25th, 2006

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Tried to catch Colin on the Today Show this morning, but I had to get to work, so gave it up. Taped Regis & Kelly, and I just checked and saw I got it. And when I was taking my nap, I woke up to HBO's making of Miami Vice. I just taped some dumb thing on E News about Colin's poddy mouth. (Yeah, Ryan, you're *SO* shocked.)

I can't believe we'll have to wait until Friday night to go see Vice, but the staff picnic starts at noon that day. We have to go put out the signs at the park in morning, since we're going to the park near our house. And Charlie and I have invited everybody to come over afterwards, if they want, although I don't expect many people to do it.

Last night we planted all the rest of the flowers and now the backyard is almost done. It's certainly ready for company.

And today the heat wave 'broke.' At least it stayed in the 80s.

Got my new sticks yesterday and tried them out after work! Geez, they're strung tight. Not sure I played very well with them, but I love the weight and feel.

And I had to go to two stores to find 'Ask the Dust.' Target either hadn't received it or was out -- they couldn't make up their mind.

That's about it. Gotta go tape the 'saga' of Colin and the crazed sex operator.

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