September 10th, 2006

roger winner: charliemc

Three more chapters . . .

Today I wrote three more chapters of 'The Vessel'! It's not near to finished (will it be another ten-parter????), but it's certainly making progress. Now I think I'll write a drabble for ka100. Maybe I can use the Troy theme, since that's what I'm concentrating on right now.

Next I think I'll force myself to work on some LOTR, as hard as that will be. Maybe "The Passion of Celeborn" or "The Plan." One or both of those.

And despite having eaten my way through the second half of my vacation, it's been a blast. Kitty Colin is feeling better and is fitting in so well. And even though Scarlett now has his upper respiratory disease and is feeling like shit and doesn't seem to like him at all, it's working out. Really it is.

And Maria won! And Andy made it into the finals tomorrow!

So, in other words, life is good (as always)!!!!
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roger winner: charliemc

It's Over!

Yes, it's over.

My vacation.

The 2006 U.S. Open.

Andre Agassi's tennis career.

And the summer. As usual for Portland, although the weather has stayed warm and beautiful, the leaves have started to turn and the shadows lengthen, and it's gone from summer to autumn in one weekend.

There's nothing as lovely or as poignant as my annual August/September vacation.

Le Sigh.

Andy did put up something of a fight (no bagels, thank goodness!), so it was worth watching. Roger was mostly brilliant, as per usual.

So, onward! I just finished Part Two of "The Passion of Celeborn." Should I turn it into an mpreg? I'm thinking yes . . .
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