December 15th, 2007

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Under the weather (ugh)

Both Charlie and I are down with an ugly bug. Well, actually I haven't been DOWN with it, that is, in bed. (When it comes to current jargon, I am DEFINITELY NOT down with it!)

I worked all week, and we both went to the staff holiday party yesterday (my gift was actually popular for once!), but Charlie was much worse last night. I stayed up all night fooling around because I was too restless to sleep, and then when I was getting ready to go to the store and get Charlie some cough medicine this afternoon, Sue called and insisted on doing that for us. She got us some grapefruit and some McDonald's. And then I finally slept for several hours.

Tonight I'm missing two holiday parties, and tomorrow I'll be missing one. And we still haven't put up our tree. (Not to mention that I'm a week behind on checking in with my flist.)

Oh, well. We've fought off the upper respiratory crap all year, and I guess it was time to pay. We MUST be healthy when vacation starts at the end of next week!
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