November 5th, 2008


O Happy Day~

Even though I feel like warmed-over dog crap, this was a great day. I got a lot of inspiring emails and had many discussions with friends and co-workers. It was like a pay-back for all the years of disappointment.

Angel got me coffee at Starbucks. He said the place was crowded and he was the only person of color there. But he felt taller today.

Imagine how many people around the world who feel taller because of Barack Obama. I'm so happy for them.

And for us.

(Too bad about Prop 8. I just don't understand California, since they always vote Democrat on the presidential elections. I just don't get it. Wanda Sykes did a wonderful bit on Ellen about minorities' need to support each other, wondering why the black churches had come out for Proposition 8. It just makes me shake my head.)

On a totally different note, I wonder if I'll ever start Nano . . .

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