December 22nd, 2008


Dashing through the snow? Not exactly.

So, the freezing rain struck (so to speak), and then more snow. The office will be closed tomorrow, and I think it will be a miracle if it opens at all this week, frankly.

So, we still have our electricity, and we still have enough food for the whole Corleone family to go to the mattresses for the rest of 2008.

Sister Sue had a weather-related disaster today, so I played some Slingo with her tonight to get her mind off it. I also tweaked my website, put up the banner Charlie finished and changed the background color. I'm very pleased with it. Now I have to move on to the query letter and researching agents. (Oh, and it might be nice if I re-visited the damn novel itself.)

I cannot believe Christmas is just three days away.

Today I'm thankful for my faith. My faith in the world, despite it's flaws; my faith in a higher power, which may be God or a universal consciousness or may just be our own inner strength; my faith in the sun to eventually come out and melt the ice; and my faith in myself to set and reach my goals, whether they're personal or professional. Last night I watched the second half of a bio about Martin Luther, and it reminded me of the fine line between faith and fanatacism. The latter is sometimes necessary to exact real change.

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