April 7th, 2009


Happy Birthday, Bruce and Russell~

So, it's Bruce Wayne's birthday (Earth 2, 'member?) and Russell Crowe turns 45 today.

And, speaking of birthdays, mine just started. This year I have to work, but I did take a three-day weekend beforehand. And what did I do to celebrate?

I got my oil changed and a headlight replaced.
I got my driver's license renewed. (Thank God Charlie had my birth certificate.)
I closed a checking account that was nothing but a pain in the (overdraft) ass.
I got my taxes done.

Yes, finding time for real life is hard to do sometimes. And real life is so full of mundane shit. But at least I managed to get some of that dull stuff done. (Now if only I could get through tomorrow without having to suffer through anyone singing--shudder--'Happy Birthday'!)

But best of all, delorita wrote me a Prestige story as a b-day present. Fantastic! (And hot.)

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