July 13th, 2010


Public Enemies, again and again!

I'm loving that Public Enemies is now playing on HBO, one year after the theatrical premiere. Last summer was somewhat defined by this film, and now I just love having it on in the background of whatever else is going on in my life. And I love that it's FULL SCREEN on cable!

Next week will mark the 76th anniversary of Dillinger's death, and I hope by the time we reach that milestone, I'll have finished the very first PE fic I ever started . . . sometimes a deadline is the only thing that works with me!

The other day I mentioned to Charlie how troubled I was as a kid when I read about Dillinger's death. I remember reading and thinking that he would continue to escape and escape and escape. The thought that he had finally been trapped and killed just floored me. I wish I still had the books that fascinated me then so I could relive what had turned him into such a hero for me. For once it wasn't a movie, because until Depp's performance, I never felt like anybody truly captured Dillinger . . . and as much as I love Johnny's Johnnie, maybe the ultimate portrayal is yet to come.

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