July 30th, 2010

Janice--Don't Fuck

Cranky day . . .

We cleaned out storage today. I almost called it off after an hour, I was so pissed at how it was going (or not going). But I just hung in and did what I told myself I would not do--started giving orders. Thank God for Brian and Angel, that's all I have to say.

I had to run to the office and get a deadline project finished that unfortunately Rich couldn't manage to get done for me yesterday.

Then I had to meet with two people I really care about and discuss the dissolution of their business. Luckily they're reorganizing and we'll still be working together. But it's a sad day for them anyway.

Anyway, I was beat tonight. I slept through much of Maria Sharapova's match (it lasted nearly three hours). And now I'm going to play Zuma and celebrate the fact that I'm officially on vacation for a week. I'm not going to contemplate all the stuff I want to get accomplished. That can come later.

Thank you to playgirl for the delicious v-gift. And happy birthday to confusedkayt and to knightsarmatia. Also to bobbylovesmusic, although I haven't seen him around in years. Hope everyone's well!

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