August 1st, 2012


Catwoman Rises~

So, I spent much of my childhood as Catwoman. We were DC Comics kids, and she was not only a great character in the Detective and Batman comics, I loved the Julie Newmar portrayal on the old Batman TV series. She managed to be both camp and poignant at the same time, unabashedly in love with Batman while unable to control her nefarious impulses.

And she was gorgeous, with a figure that defied the laws of nature.

I was scrawny and far-from-sexy. But I was game, and I had a good imagination. And I was willing to use my fake knock-out gas to capture Batman and Robin (Johnny from the neighborhood and Charlie) and lock them up in our hot garage to wither during a summer afternoon.

In our games, Catwoman always won.

I groaned when I heard Nolan was putting Catwoman in the final installment of his trilogy. Oh, no! I have pretty much hated all the other portrayals of Catwoman over the years. And I expected to feel the same about this one.

When I saw that the Catwoman costume in TDKR was going to emulate the one that once was so well worn by the well-endowed Newmar, I was thrilled. And afraid. How could Anne Hathaway--a nice but not very alluring actress--hope to fill those ... er ... shoes?

When I saw her on the screen, she was nothing less than a revelation. Those big brown eyes, those ridiculously long limbs, those soft, real breasts and those luscious red lips... And she could really act, could really make us care! For me, Catwoman stole the show.

Forget Rachel.

Selina the Cat is a perfect match for our tortured hero.

And I certainly never expected to say that!