August 9th, 2012


Catching Up (In the Middle of the Night)~

Just loaded 21 pug icons Charlie made me today. So cute! Unfortunately, this leaves me with only four spots left for new icons, which won't be enough. And I cannot choose what icons to delete. Icon Crisis!

Took Sister Sue to the dentist this morning to have a bunch of her teeth pulled. She was a trooper, despite the horrible traffic and the fact we had to go to the pharmacy and wait around to get her pain pills. Don't get me started on why the dentist can't make sure you have the pills IN ADVANCE so you don't have to do this, narcotics or not. And I couldn't believe how weird the woman acted about the fact I couldn't hang around and take care of Sue afterward. "She needs ice packs," she told me. I was sitting there in the tiny lobby, working on editing a book that's due to the publisher in three weeks. "She has an ice-maker at home. I have to get back to work," I said. I heard her go back to Sue and tell her, "She says she has to go back to work," like I was lying or something.

Listen, I'm happy to take time off during the day for my sisters. I do it whenever I can. It's my top priority, and they both know it. But I have a lot of work to do, even in the summertime. If I'm out (on vacation or sick or whatever), I know I have to make up the time somewhere. There's nobody who can take over for me, and the work waits until I get it done. I really don't mind that I had to stay at work until nearly 8:00pm tonight, because I'd be there that late ANYWAY. But I didn't appreciate being made to sound like I was leaving my sister in the lurch.

It's hard to see someone you love suffer in the first place. And it's harder still to drive them around while they're suffering. Still, as is often the case, it turned into a joke for us. Sue couldn't talk and when she did, I couldn't understand her. So she was writing stuff out on a pad of paper, and I was reading her notes when we stopped for lights. Then when we were sitting at the pharmacy, we managed to have a hilarious conversation about why it takes so long to slap a label on a prescription and count out 15 pills, despite the fact Sue couldn't even talk!

Anyway, this day overall was long and annoying, even without being held up in construction traffic four times this morning. The good news is, even though it's almost 3:00am, I did get the first five chapters of the book reviewed (why has he only made half of the changes I gave him from Chapter One?) *and* I held an important internal meeting this afternoon with the Communications team. We've already put together a great schedule for our big projects next spring. And I managed not to be a complete bitch, despite my impatience about a couple subjects.

Missed mentioning Dad's birthday on Monday, August 6. He would have been 92, but thankfully he's tooling around heaven instead.

And later I'll do a post about Sister's Day, which was Sunday. This should be a bigger holiday!

And I need to catch up on the Olympics. I've been spamming Facebook about it. There are so many stories, so much drama, so much pathos, so much exhilaration. Big news today: Missy and Keri won their third Olympic gold! Go, Girls Over 30!