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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Ebay rocks! 
24th-Jul-2005 11:03 pm
Won another autographed photo of Jeremy Renner at Ebay! I had totally lost track of the time when the email came through. I was the only bidder for this one, but it was a little more expensive than the last.

God, it's fun.

I have so much to do (fanfic, my manifesto, bills to pay), but I thought I might play Slingo with Sue and her friend Rock (who we originally met playing Slingo). He's staying at Sue's for a couple days, and we drove around Portland today to show him around. (It was a beautiful day here . . . perfect.)

I'm going to use LJ to keep my exercise logs. All I have to do is lock the posts, and it seems like a good idea. (We'll see.) I used my ab machine last night, and my stomach is screaming now.
25th-Jul-2005 06:10 am (UTC)
Congrats! You will be pegged as Ebay's biggest Jeremy Renner collector, if you don't watch out!
25th-Jul-2005 06:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, that ebay stuff can become quite addictive!

25th-Jul-2005 07:23 am (UTC) - Envious!!!
I'm so, so envious! I. Want. Renner. Pic.

OK, I'm over it. LOL. Just kidding, anyway.

I'm glad you got it! That's very cool.


25th-Jul-2005 07:41 am (UTC)
25th-Jul-2005 03:26 pm (UTC) - Cool MM
What kind of ab machine do you have? That's my problem area. I need to concentrate my efforts there. It hurts though, and I so hate pain. But it's true no pain, no gain.
26th-Jul-2005 06:41 am (UTC) - Re: Cool MM
It's called an "Ab-away Pro." Not sure what 'ab-away' is supposed to mean, but it was pimped a few years ago by fitness guru Tamilee Webb, the one who did 'Buns of Steel' and 'Abs of Steel.'

I really like the thing. It's easy to use and you really feel it. If I'd do it three times a week and be good about it, I know it would make a real difference. But unfortunately, I don't!

Ouch. My abs are killing me right this minute. I'll use the machine again tomorrow.
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