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Still standing, still wobbly~

My torch wasn't snuffed at the Twilight LAS community. I got another vote against for a pretty graphic tale of Jacob helping, um . . . train Edward for his wedding night. (I know, I know. Where is this stuff coming from?) But it took four negative votes this time to off the unlucky author.

A huge congratulations to scribbled_mess, who just joined my flist a couple weeks ago. She won the day with a great tale of Edward in a monastery, getting a little peace from the voices in his head. This was a fantastic turn-around for her, since she was on the other side of the vote (with me) during the last round.

I did better at the LAS community for The Tudors; I actually got one vote FOR my story! There were only eight entries, however, and 22 in the Twilight challenge. Once again I was impressed by all the good work. I feedbacked several of the stories this evening, and it's not hard to find something positive to say about any of them. I'm still disappointed that the percentage of voters to writers is pretty poor. When it gets down to two or three stories left, we'll need some divine intervention, I think.

Anyway, I spent much of Labor Day laboring at the mpreg community that LJ turned over to Charlie a few months ago. She actually complained to the Admin about some of the sick stuff being posted there since the moderator went missing. And--surprise!--they handed it over.

The place was a mess. It's been around for six years or so, but it's never been moderated much. So nothing was tagged and a bunch of stuff was just WRONG. I re-structured the style and added some links, tagged every entry and put up a New Moderator post. We may not be able to get anything going there--nothing much ever has gone on--but it's better than letting it sit and gather dust and spam. Charlie and I both think 'gen' groups and communities are never that good an idea. People want to rally around their specific interest, and from what I've seen, the mpreg communities that are specific to a fandom or pairing (like Harry/Draco, for instance) are the ones that are successful.

But, you know what? I might be ready to re-visit my love of this genre (not-so-veiled threat) . . . so why not fix up a home for it?

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