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Back in Business!

Got a new laptop battery again, and everything seems to be working great. And I also got a spare for my camera. It's amazing that you can now go to a store that sells nothing but batteries for all your important technology. Very cool.

We've started the housecleaning, but we had to order our super-duper vacuum cleaner that's going to help get rid of all the cat hair. Love the cats, hate their hair. I hope we love the vacuum, too.

On the US Open front, Rafa and Roger are both into the semis, and Wozniacki went out in singles. Venus is up a set on Kimmie. I wouldn't mind seeing Venus win this again. In fact, the only potential champ that *doesn't* exite me is Zvonareva . . . I shouldn't even mention that.

And I'm on page 140 of Midnight Sun, Stephanie Meyer's version of Twilight from Edward's p.o.v. It's pretty fascinating to get such insight into Edward and everyone around him (because of the mind-reading thing). I told Charlie last night that I think part of the success of Twilight was Bella's p.o.v. and the mystery of Edward and the Cullens. If this had been the first book, I doubt the whole thing would have been such an overwhelming success. Sometimes mystery is better . . . not being inside the head of the most compelling character.

Still . . . it's great research, since I'm currently writing in this fandom. Here's an interesting factoid: Charlie's thoughts are also partially closed to Edward. Bella gets her 'immunity' from him, evidently.

Back to reading and watching tennis . . . after one more YAY! that I've got my laptop back!

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