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Time Flies When You're Working Your Ass Off!

This week has flown by, full of mostly work and more work.

Today ended up being 14 and a half hours, with two breaks: A short walk to Starbucks and one trip to the bathroom. I just stuck to it tonight until I finished ten months of credit card statements and receipts, coding every line. I also got the last of the IT bills for the fiscal year re-classified. No, I didn't get my expense report done, but the receipts are all in order, ready to be entered (which will take another hour or two).

I got the Facebook page prepared for my sister city group; tomorrow we have a half-day board retreat, and it will be good to have some things to report. Charlie's gotten work done on the website and set up the Twitter and YouTube accounts.

I managed to get the 2011 payroll nearly finished, the largest part of the Admin budget, even though I haven't even started my events budgets. I didn't get any of my four personnel reviews scheduled, much less written. My own review ended up postponed, because Jeff had to take his wife to the doctor again. Hopefully she'll be cleared to drive. Next week he's on his way to Orlando for the Int'l Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions expo, so he'll be out all but a day and a half. Yeesh! I have to admit he was *very* grateful for how supportive I've been of his absences and issues. And he was congratulatory of my success at getting the route of our 2012 Rock'n'Roll Half-Marathon approved by all the City agencies.

If I ever get a review, it had better be a good one.

I'm about to swallow myself, I'm yawning so hard. But I did vote in three Last Author Standing communities and manage to write this entry. So color me happy. Aside from the board retreat tomorrow, I am *not* going to work this weekend! (My 80% FTE was 46 hours this week . . .)

Beddie-bye time!

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