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Not quite drowning . . . yet~

Y'know that old term, 'bone weary'? I get what it means. I'm just tired through and through today.

I think I've done around 20 loads of towels since the bedroom was flooded late Wednesday. And I've slept about five hours in three days now.

The good news is, we seem to be on top of it (fingers crossed). I worked 11 hours yesterday, and the minute I got home we drove to Walmart and Home Depot to get supplies. (I've never owned a dry/wet vacuum before! We're calling him R2-D2.) Even though Portland got two more inches of rain today, there doesn't seem to be anything new seeping in (from the terrible accumulation of ground water). We have a 'flood mark' on the dry wall in the closet adjacent to my bedroom that shows how high it creeped back when this happened before, some 15-16 years ago. The culprit then, and probably now, was a plugged-up downspout outside the house. The challenge is to avoid the carpet getting mildewed and musty, which our allergies will not tolerate. (It's a miracle I haven't had a major asthma attack with the amount of crap I've breathed during this cleanup! How can there be so much dust and lint in the world?)

Anyway, before this happened I did manage to re-write my Capone story and make it non-Twilight, then enter it in the Writer's Digest short short story contest. And sometime today or tonight I'll vote in one or more of the Last Author Standing communities; can't vote in my own.

Off to get Charlie a haircut!

Tags: 2010 floods, last author standing

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