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Yes, I'm Writing!

So, instead of working on the Twilight challenge story that's due Wednesday, I've been obsessed over finishing 'Stubborn,' my 3:10 to Yuma fic. This one's going on two years old now, and Part 3 has probably been hanging around for at least a year. I swear, I've rewritten the first paragraph alone about ten times (and I'm working on it again right now)!

I *need* to get this story finished, so I can write some new things in this fandom. I actually have a few ideas, but this thing is like a beaver dam, choking off my creativity and creating a stagnant little pond of images all centered around the Evans' ranch house. The images are warm and sensual and just a little angsty. But they're definitely stagnant. Those men need to move on! They need to move out. And then I can get on with other stories.

So yesterday I listened to the entire movie covered by James Mangold's commentary. I found it fascinating, from both a movie-making standpoint and as insight into the characters. I also watched the dvd extras, which didn't teach me much, really, but was fun (I can't get enough of those History Channel-style specials about outlaws!). Best of all, though, I downloaded the script and read through it. I can't believe I had done none of this in the past.

The one thing I echo that Mangold said at the end is the belief that the two men left standing--Ben Wade and William Evans--would never be the same. Their lives were changed forever. Exploring William's life is one of my fanfic interests, even passions. And reuniting him with Ben Wade someday is a definite goal. William Evans was born into the perfect time, the end of the Old West as we think of it and the beginning of Modern Times. He'll see the advent of electricity and motor cars and even moving pictures. In my verse, he'll meet up with famous and infamous characters, like Doc Holliday and Jack the Ripper. And he'll become a writer, capturing all of his stories, including the one about his dad and the outlaw Ben Wade, on paper.

In the meantime, I don't have an inkling of where I want to go with the last Twilight challenge. Nothing has rapped me on the back of the head yet, and I feel like I'm going to have to force something out . . . I don't have much time left.

Sunny and cold here in Portland. Henry is a little perkier today, staying upstairs more. When we got home from a quick ride down to Sauvie Island, he had been rope-a-doping on the couch and was laying there taking a nap in the after glow. That's a great sign! (Especially since he had one of his snotty episodes at 3:00am last night after I gave him his antihistimine.)

Back to 'Stubborn.' I will finish this tonight!
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