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Reading about Writing~

I managed to vote in four of the Last Author Standing communities in the last two days, one of them with 20 entries. I've found I learn a lot about writing from reading 'amateur' writing and being forced to comment (one of the brilliant aspects of these competitions). I try to give some hints with all my votes, unless the writing is too good to require any.

The two common technical issues I've found in the stories are (1) the use of commas (not knowing where they belong) and (2) the structure of dialogue. Comma splices are common--and hardly anybody knows how to use a semicolon. And when it comes to dialogue, there are a myriad of issues, like capitalization and, once again, whether to put the comma before or after the quotes. No, folks, you can't "laugh" a line of dialogue, at least not without choking to death. And many people just don't understand that "said" is golden. I read a great description of this yesterday, admitting that "said" can *indeed* get boring, which means it ultimately becomes invisible, rendering it the perfect dialogue tag.

Anyway, the results of this Challenge are delayed this weekend, so it'll be another day before we know the moniker of the Last Author Standing in the Twilight_LAS. Is it wrldpossibility or yours truly? Stay tuned!

ETA: The last five months of giving concrit in the voting is going to help me be a better leader for our writing group when we start it up again.

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