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Four Days Down, One to Go~

In another 24 hours I will have survived the first two work weeks of the year! And that pretty much tells me that I'll be fine in 2011. Because these two weeks have been an absolute killer.

I've used the F word more in two days than all of 2010.

People are terminally STUPID and ANNOYING, on top of there being too little time and too much to do.

And tonight, when I finally got home at 9:00pm and tried to eat dinner, I got something down the wrong pipe and spent the next hour coughing up a lung. Let's just say THAT BITES.

I cannot wait until we get through my morning meetings and then the evening event. Tonight I finished strategic planning, returned to the office and updated the RSVP list and wrote the script. And I'm pretty much done with everything, except slaving on site. Let's see . . . how can I say this? I did not join a board so I could do events. I get enough of that in my own job. I'm going to have to make that clear from here on out.

On the positive side, our two new seasonal folks seem to be getting up to speed, and our new parade sponsor is gonna be great, I'm convinced.

And our big snow and ice event? Much ado about nothing. It's balmy and rainy here now, in the freakish 50s.

And that's about all for today. I need a short nap before bed, hehe.

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