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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Another Day, Another Successful Event! 
19th-Jan-2011 07:41 pm
Today's sponsorship announcement at Spirit Mountain Casino went GREAT. I was so pleased. I think we managed to take close to 75 folks from many of our organizations to the VIP brunch, and the announcement piece itself went off without a real hitch.

They treated us like royalty, and I think overall everyone was pleased. We even got quite a bit of news coverage, which is unexpected with a sponsorship announcement. Anybody following us at Facebook can see the video Carol posted right after the event.

We did manage to leave two people behind, which was a bummer. It was two folks from my sister city board. I guess they didn't hear the announcement of when the buses were leaving. I actually found it humorous. The casino folks stuck them on another bus heading back to town.

I was pretty much exhausted when we got back to the office, but we still had two meetings to go. At the parade creative meeting, I suggested we do zombies. We really could have a great 'cleanup' entry that could include zombies, maybe a couple hundred of them. The people at this meeting were fun and receptive, and we were loud and rowdy--a good sign for a creative team. I think I'll end up staffing this committee now that Kristen is leaving our staff, so I'm glad to see the possibilities.

Now I've got a few hours of tennis to watch (or sleep through). I don't think I'll get much else done. Tomorrow night I get a massage, which I REALLY need. I'm starting to believe my right shoulder is never going to totally regain its range of motion . . .

20th-Jan-2011 04:28 pm (UTC)
that is funny about the bus

I swear coordinating folks onto buses at events is harder then coordinating cats in a pig field!

I actually LOST my executive director in dc once -- he went to change and then missed the correct hookups (natl turn a LARGE group out to lobby day) missed ALL of the "in case you get separated here is the schedule and where to find the group" spaces .. shakes head

I expected it from the newbies, maybe even the kids we took along -- but our ED?!

and that was the day I learned, to accept people WILL BE left, and lost on bus tours and to make even MORE plans for the inevitable.


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