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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
What doesn't kill you . . . 
28th-Jan-2011 03:23 am
shoot me : charliemc
Thursday was another 12-hour day filled with drama. There is simply too much estrogen in our office, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. President Sue and I agree that our personalities are better suited to play with boys much of the time.

Even so, it was one of the guys in the office who melted at the end of the day. His email after I finished my sixth meeting of the day at 6:30: "Call me right away." Which I did. And then I had to reassure him about something that happened in my fifth meeting of the day. Yeesh. God bless Rich who stuck around so I could vent. If I didn't have Rich and Angel on my team, I'd shoot myself.

It took until 8:00pm to finish the work I needed to get done to face my insane Friday.

And now I'm sitting here watching Andy Murray play like a little girl. Give me a break!

The best news of the day? Our frigging doors and lights were adjusted so we can go to the bathroom in the evenings without triggering the automatic lock on the front door and letting every potential rapist lurking in the park into our building, and I can sit at my computer without having my office light go out twelve times a day because the motion detector can't see me. Considering I'm almost ALWAYS the last one working alone at night, this is highly appreciated.

Progress is progress, and I'll take it wherever we can get it.

And Andy just FINALLY held serve to win the third set, so . . .

28th-Jan-2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
wow, that had to be SUPER annoying with the doors and lights -- on an annoyance scale of "i may snap and smack someone!"

Sorry you are in a current long stretch of YUCK -- I agree with the suited for men thing. I am great with women that show up with a work ethic, and business mind; however those that show up to play hen yard ... it just doesn't go well.

28th-Jan-2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
The doors has been more than annoying -- it's actually been a scary thing. The area just isn't safe -- and it makes me crazy when Marilyn's there all alone really late at night... (sigh) I can't tell you what it's like to wonder if you should just hold it and not go potty...

But the lights??? Yeah, annoying as hell! Upstairs mine do this stupid dimming thing. (I'm one of those give-me-even-more-light-to-see-my-graphics sort of people, so this is not okay.) And when you're downstairs at night, you'll end up shouting, waving your arms like mad, jumping up and down and just about crazy to get the lights on again so you can work!

Yeah, we need more men. Generally speaking, they're less drama and less tears. But frankly, they can have issues, too (as Marilyn mentioned here). We just need everyone -- regardless of gender or age -- to balls up and WORK. And have a sense of humor, because what we do isn't brain surgery -- it's a festival!

And yet, we love what we do, annoyances aside... (smile)
29th-Jan-2011 12:05 am (UTC)
laughs are there windows in your office? so when it is dark outside and folks can see inside and see you jumping about batting at "something"


Yes sounds like it was scary - glad it is safe now!

28th-Jan-2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
FIXED???!!! I can't believe you didn't tell me this news!!! This is the best thing in AGES. (And one of these days I'm going to bring putty and fill my own holes in the damn IT Room wall, too...)

Imagine not needing to wave our arms, clap, shout and jump up and down in the dark at night. Wow.

And imagine not feeling like it's a bad thing to go pee when you're alone in there... Double wow. About time... Well, it's only 10 months later, after all... (heh)

Sorry you had such a tough day. Hell, sorry you've had such a tough week!

Knowing that you'll be doing EVERYTHING this year -- without enough support -- doesn't make me a super-happy camper, by the way. I mean, 2010 was hard enough -- and now events will be down a person. Giving this consideration, why can't we get another seasonal assistant to help out? There's room to put one. (And screw the budget, frankly.) I know you'll still have to be there for everything, but another body could help with the work, at least...

Anyway, I think you're right about Murray -- and that he's going to win this whole thing (which you said all along).

I agree -- thank God for Rich and Angel!

Hang in there. We ALL need YOU!
29th-Jan-2011 05:01 am (UTC)
Another tough week for you with lots of hours of stress and bull. At least you handle it better than anyone I have ever seen. You have a great ability to keep so many balls in the air. I use to be able to do that when I worked, but not so much now.

Please don't work at all this week-end and try to rest and relax some. You must take care of yourself as nobody else will

I was so tired last night, but felt like a little girl for falling asleep and missing the first match. Andy may do the whole thing, but he had better bring his A game to play his next match.

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