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Patience is More than Skin Deep~

So, I came home today to take Charlie to her doctor's appointment, and, unfortunately, they sent us straight to the hospital. The good news is, they haven't really found anything wrong. The bad news is, it takes hours and hours and hours to decide if there really *is* anything wrong.

So we sat in the emergency room for hours, then she was finally moved to a room. At least eight different people asked her the same questions, over and over.

When I left at 8:00pm, she still hadn't eaten anything all day. And she just called to tell me the kitchen is closed. Luckily she has a candy bar in her backpack!

For the record, I'm convinced she's okay, although I know she has some sort of virus or sinus infection that's been lingering. She definitely hasn't felt well. But I'm not alarmed, for whatever reason. I feel pretty calm, although I'm sorry for her having to be in the hospital.

I updated her blog. And now I've written in this one. My observation on this month's blog topic: Charlie's character won't allow her to be negative or depressed. And that's half the battle.

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