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'The Rite' ~ Right?

If we want to see 'The Rite' before it shuffles off this mortal coil, we better do it this weekend!

In the meantime, we managed to work nearly six hours this morning, which helped me catch up on stuff, as well as meeting with representatives from the Summer Institute kids who are going to Sapporo in June, talking to them about external communications and encouraging them to set up a Facebook page and a blog.

And on the Character subject: Who said, "They hit him with five shots and he's still alive"? How about, "Leave the gun, take the canoli"? Answers:

Virgil Sollozzo, having just heard the Don survived the murder attempt and Peter Clemenza, after offing poor, dumb Paulie.

Yes, I couldn't help watching a few scenes from one of my all-time favorite movies, 'The Godfather,' on AMC. I never get tired of it!

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