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Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Just watched the first day of the three-day Jeopardy tournament featuring 'Watson,' the super-computer designed to take on the two great champs. It's funny how quickly we manage to assign human characteristics to the Avatar representing the computer (love how he 'blushes' when he gets an answer wrong).

Reminds me of how instantly popular Mr. Spock was (no emotions? come on!) on classic Trek, logically followed by Data on Next Gen. And of course our fascination for and love of robots and talking computers goes much farther back. Hell, we can anthropomorphize a car . . . and I'd rather do that than get hung up on kis from the Jersey shore!

(Just don't let Dr. Forbin near Watson, please!)

Happy birthday to rose_amethyst and just_jimbo.

I finally finished and posted the last part of my three-part 3:10 to Yuma story, 'Stubborn'! One down, at last two more lingering works-in-progress to finish this year! And now it's time to move on to one of my favorite special events of the year, crammed with the most well-groomed characters on the planet, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

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