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Three-day Weekend, Here I Come!

Made it through today, including a long drive in the backseat of a small car. The parade chair, our Sales Director and I drove to Astoria in the afternoon to meet with the Regatta board . . . actually a rewarding trip where we met some interesting folks. We'll see what comes out of it. Astoria is celebrating their bicentennial this year and was just voted one of America's "coolest small towns."

It was gorgeous at the coast. Lots of snow in the mountains on the way, but mild and sunny when we got there.

I had four meetings prior to the trip, then was supposed to be at one this evening. But I thought it started at 7:00pm, and at nearly 7:00 I checked my calendar and saw it had started at 6:30, so I blew it off and came home. I had already worked nearly 12 hours, so I didn't feel too bad.

Tomorrow is our event manager's last day. I posted a picture of her engagement ring on Facebook today (she got engaged on Monday). Next week I've got to assess whether we're going to need another pair of hands to get through the next three months. The stress is already palpable.

Five meetings tomorrow, and I didn't manage to get an appointment for my car, so now that has to wait another week. What am I proud of? I did squeeze in a call to my own doctor today and got my annual physical scheduled for next week!

What did I learn about character today? It has nothing to do with economic or social standing, that's for sure. A man I met in Astoria has passion, know-how and great pride in his work. And he's a definite character. I hope what we did today bears fruit, because I'd love to pitch this guy as a feature story in the 'big city.' The world would love him.

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