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The Deathly Hallows~

It's fascinating watching characters grow up before your eyes, over the course of many years. At least the HP kids are old enough now that you don't have to feel like a perv watching them, hehe. Tonight we finally saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and it was engrossing and evocative, even for those of us who haven't read the book.

I realize there are lots of people who don't like the character Ron Weasley for a variety of reasons. In this movie, he was annoying, as he often is. He exhibits negative qualities throughout the movies, like envy, gluttony, jealousy and even cowardice. He's so clueless sometimes, you want to slap him upside the head.

But I guess the reason I like Ron is that he's REAL. He's flawed. He's human (even though he's a wizard). And ultimately he ends up doing the right thing.

We went to the old Mt. Hood Theatre ($4 a head). Our popcorn, drinks, candy and even a hotdog cost under $20. We hadn't been there in ages and we were surprised to see how packed the place was. Hurray for second run movie houses!

Sunny and nice today, but they say snow is coming. For goodness sake, it's nearly spring. Let's stop the nonsense! (And don't you dare screw up our press conference next Friday!)

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