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Lazy Saturday--

Charlie, Joey and I spent a pretty lazy Saturday. Shopped earlier (got the first season of 'Remington Steele' for around $30!), spent too much $$ and watched tennis.

Andre got to the final of L.A. I need to enjoy watching Andre as much as possible, because he might not be around much longer and I'm finally starting to believe that (of course, Jimmy played until he was 40ish, so who knows? Andre's only 35). Anyway, I'm now officially 'in training' for the U.S. Open, meaning, I'm forcing myself to start watching a lot of tennis to get 'in shape' for hours and hours and hours of it.

Gotta work out tonight!

I want to write something, work a little on my manifesto and maybe read. I'm joining a book club at work, so I'll need to start disciplining myself. Got 'A Home at the End of the World' this week, and I've started it. (Amazing writing. Breathtaking.)

Have I mentioned that I love shopping on line? I love how fast everything comes and how cool it is to have the mailman bringing a package! (God, I have a shopping problem. I really do.)

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