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Ryan Seacrest in 'Alexander'?

Great joke from Jay Leno about the 'Alexander' dvd, mentioning how the film had been edited to take out the gay reference:

"Remember the swordfight scene with Ryan Seacrest?"

*much love to my Seacrest-loving flisters, like ryan_beaches (I miss you!) and fatjoey.

Please consider the above line a drabble challenge, somebody!!!!

I'm obsessed today about the Brooke Wilberger murder. Can't wait to learn more about whether the guy has confessed or whether the DNA evidence is overwhelming. No body, and they're sure she's been raped, sodomized and murdered.

And I don't understand why this particular case hasn't garnered more national attention, especially considering Brooke was so beautiful and innocent. It's a mystery to me.

(Very impressed with the Benton County D.A.! He really handled the media today.)

Shout out to brn_gamble for his fantastic achievement of creating the Gamble/Street mood icons. You absolutely rock, guy!!!!!!

Now I'm off to finish "Fecund Knight" (I hope). Started to feel heartbroken last night about Lancelot's choice.
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