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Mpreg drabble!

Had to take a moment out of my work day to write a quick drabble for fanthropology for their Friday Fun challenge to write something illustrating a fandom gripe or puzzle. Naturally, it's a continuation of my current theme, defending mpreg.

So, here it is:

Drabble: "Inconceivable" (100 words)
Author: Mistress Marilyn
Fandom: LOTR
Warnings: I'm sick of the criticism!
Notes: Written for the Friday Fun Time at fanthropology

Legolas cradled his bulging belly and groaned. "No one believes I'm pregnant! Even though I carry the son of the King of the West, they all whisper I must be fat."

"Nonsense, Laddie!" said his Dwarf comrade, eyeing the Elf's swollen breasts with more than a little interest. "Everyone knows Elves never get fat! But there's absolutely no proof that male Elves don't get pregnant."

Looking thoughtful, Legolas said, "So you're saying this is all a question of canon?"

The Dwarf Gimli shook his shaggy head. "Oh, no! It's just an example of that most pervasive of Middle-earth's evils: Narrow-mindedness!"

The End

Thanks, Charlie, for the icon I ordered!
Tags: fanfic

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