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Random (less than 48 hours to go) . . .

Manifesto countdown! (Yes, I'm obsessed . . . you have no idea!) In less than 48 hours I'll push the button! But how will I obsess about it all day at work on Tuesday when I have so many meetings? And I need to come up with a plan on how I pimp it out at different places (what lists? what communities? what individuals who don't read this LJ?).

And, ultimately, if not one person reads or comments, I'll still get off on the thing, because it's BUCKING FEAUTIFUL thanks to Charlie and Brian. I love it. I want to re-discover these boys myself.

(Uh, Joey? How's that story going?)

I was going to go sit outside this morning and read or something, but it's clouded over for the first time in a while, so instead I'm just sitting here at the computer (as usual). I let my hair 'go natural' and just wavy instead of blowing it yesterday, and it's huge. Can't believe I have that much curl.

And, I have tomorrow off! Squeee! Woohoo!
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