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Uh oh. Ran out of patience!

Snark alert (rare in these here parts)!

I had to put a very pointed Admin post up at the Alexander-the-Great-Slash list. After wasting my precious time re-formatting several completely screwed up and nearly unintelligible fanfics last night and approving them to the list, one of the authors (who can clearly barely speak or write English) wrote and asked why we had taken her italics out. Seems to think her story makes no sense without the italics.

Note to anyone writing anything he/she thinks is worthwhile: If you can't make yourself understood without italics and special characters and a Deus ex Machina god appearing to explain what you're really trying to say, you should take up another hobby, such as needlepoint and leave the writing to someone else.

I'm already feeling a little bad about my post. But just a little, mind you. (Stop laughing, Joey!)

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