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Monday, Monday . . . (Manifesto Eve)

Yes, I really have spent the past hour and a half or so working on the manifesto. (I can't believe it either!) Learned how to put bullets in my list of fanfic recs. Brian brn_gamble did fantastic work on banners for me today. (Thank you my dear! I want to snog you all over!) And Charlie got her wallpapers ready.

Everyone has been so supportive and productive! (Joey with his new story. Even Koi did a fanfic I could include in the recs.)

This manifesto belongs to the fandom, as small as it is. And maybe it will inspire a few more fans.

Speaking of the fandom, I finally posted "Scars" to swat_fic.

Miss Teen USA is on. Where do these young chicks get these amazing abs? I know where they get the tits and the tans. I think the abs are the most noticable difference in these pageants today.

Welcome to new flister, Taelin special_majick! So glad to find you here at LJ, my dear! (Or, more accurately, to have you find me!)

Got to go find food now . . .

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