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Bored meeting (oops) --

Tonight is our spring board meeting. Actually, rehearsal starts in just about an hour, so I’ll have to write fast. And I need some caffeine to get myself ‘up’ for the whole thing, because it will be four hours of having to be at my best. So, Diet Pepsi to the rescue. (Pepsi is the official softdrink of the Rose Festival!)

Does anyone else know what it’s like to work with a volunteer board of directors? How about one of nearly 100 people?! It’s pretty challenging -- and rewarding. I’ll write about a couple of the board members I admire when I get the chance.

In the meantime, I'm crossing my fingers that our revised by-laws are approved without a hitch. Three years ago an attempt to revise them ended up in disaster on the floor. And this is a much more complete revision that I personally have worked hours on. Considering these by-laws date back to 1934, they really needed the work. But, god it's tedious.

I wish I wrote RP fic. I’d like to write a little slashy American Idol drabble myself, like many of my fellow RCFriends are doing at FatJoey’s AI list. It’s so much fun to read them. And since Charlie, Joey and I are all AI fanatics right now, it gives me a welcome break from the job.

Maybe I’ll break down and start writing some RP. But I doubt it.

The weather is still pretty cool and unsettled here. I hope it changes in two or three weeks. We really need some warm and dry weather this year. (I would have made a lousy farmer.)

If I continue to post here, I’ll have to pay again. Right now it seems pointless, I use this so seldom. But I definitely want some new icons. Jericho generously offered to make me one a while back, but right now I can’t really use them.

Do we keep LJs just so we can have cool icons? Maybe.

Josh went off AI last night, and I even felt a little touched when he was carrying his little girl around. It was the right decision, though. The top three deserves to be the top three. I would have put Kimberly Caldwell into the top five, myself, however. (It will be fun when August rolls around and the whole gang comes to Portland in concert. The last group put on the best show I’ve seen!)

Better run, refresh the makeup and hair and slap myself in the face a couple times. Showtime!
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