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WTF Wednesday

Happy birthday, Becky beckyo! Hope you have a great day!

I've been bitching and venting most of today (not normal for me at all). I had a meeting with board members where I felt so disrespected, I could barely contain myself. Timing is not great, since I have another employment opportunity looming. Still . . .

Well, we'll see how it all shakes out. Everybody has annoying days at work. It's how you deal with the crap that defines you.

I'm completely annoyed that I now have to work next Monday (I've been taking Mondays off). It's the only day our new board president can meet, so both I and our E.D. have to change our schedules. So, instead I'm taking Friday off! (That will make this a three-day week.)

Agassi's on ESPN right now playing in the Canadian Open (making a Swede look sick). Yesterday it was Nadal vs. Moya, then Roddick lost last night (and I missed that match). My tennis attention span needs some work right now. I've been so distracted by the manifesto and other on line activities.

Back to it!

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