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Procrastinating by doing work . . .

Do you ever put something off by doing something else?

I spent some time yesterday mapping out the next six chapters of 'Paris' Confinement.' (Yes, I said six chapters, meaning I'm halfway through.) I even came up with titles for the classic references.

Then I decided to get to work on my new duty of maintaining epicslash and put all the fanfic I could see (that wasn't locked, I mean) into memories, fixing the user page and doing my first posts there.

I needed to do this. But was I doing it just to avoid 'Paris' Confinement'? I really need to finish this damn story, and I now know it's going to take me six more chapters!

Plus, it's in the 90s here and I haven't worked out all week.

My very worst habit: Procrastination. In too many things. It's like a disease, and I hate it. (Thank God I didn't procrastinate when it came to the manifesto!)
Tags: epicslash, fanfic

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