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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Fanfic Inventory 
19th-Aug-2005 12:29 am
therefor slash: charliemc
This was inspired by heartofslash's recent post doing an inventory of stuff she's working on. This will really help me in getting (staying) organized about the stories I need to finish.

The appalling sobering factoid is the date these multi-part fanfics were started. It's absolutely horrific that I've kept the readers in suspense so long, making me even more pleased that I finally finished 'Fecund Knight.'

King Arthur
Fecund Knight -- finished!
part one, 2575 (9/12/04)
part two, 2249 (9/12/04)
part three, 3156 (9/14/04)
part four, 2798 (10/17/04)
part five, 3091 (5/21/04)
part six, 2783 (7/10/04)
part seven, 2739 (7/17/04)
part eight, 3300 (8/04/05)

Colin Farrell's Adventures in Slash (1/1s)
Unfettered Rest, 2644 (10/31/04)
Free Falling, 2415 (11/05/04)
Dust and Air, 6058 (11/27/04)
Auld Acquaintances, 5363 (12/26/04)
Doors of Perception, 2185 (1/15/05)
Fisherman's Excuse, 6053 (5/15/05)

Paris' Confinement
part one, Song of Apollo 2367 (8/01/04)
part two, Narcissus' Reflection 1655 (12/6/04)
part three, Divine Seed 1748 (12/8/04)
part four, The Taming of Odysseus 1894 (12/8/04)
part five, Sea Foam 2091 (12/18/04)
part six, Hector's Ring 2023 (12/29/04)

The Vessel
part one, 2260 (8/8/04)
part two, 1992 (8/14/04)

Boromir's Elves
part one, Aradol's Treasure 1566 (8/01/04)
part two, Dandelion Wine 1864 (8/03/04)
part three, His Coming, 2093 (8/04/04)
part four, Naegion's Bow, 1965 (8/05/04)
part five, The Protector, 2063 (8/15/04)
part six, First Chosen, 1819 (8/17/04)
part seven, Boromir's Decision, 2008 (8/29/04)
part eight, The Ring of Ubertas, 2240 (10/22/04)

The Plan
part one, Practice Makes Perfect, 887 (8/7/04)

The Passion of Celeborn
part one, The End of Ennui, 1785 (8/30/04)

Is it surprising that most of the WIPs are mpregs? And now I'm planning a multi-part 'Alexander' mpreg where Bagoas is preggers . . .

But I've left both Paris and Hector pregnant for more than a year. It's inexcusable. And it's got to end! (Vacation coming up soon. Must get these guys on the road to recovery!)
19th-Aug-2005 02:42 pm (UTC)
Wow, I never thought about Bagoas getting preg. There's a girl at the Bagoas group (which I don't have much to do with anymore) that would have a 'flaming' melt down if she heard. I was joking with another member about the fact that Fran Bosch had nice nipples, and she went into detail about how we shouldn't see him as just body parts, how low it was.

It turned into boring unpleasantness. I tried to explain to her that I meant no harm to him as a person.

But I would love it MM if you wrote about Bagoas in that way.
19th-Aug-2005 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I'm so glad! I know most of the Alexander list would just yawn. They don't much care for Bagoas. And that Bagoas list you speak of is just out-and-out whack. I follow the drama for a laugh, and I saw the huge discussion about nipples.

If fandom can't be fun and we can't slather over our favorites, what's the point?

I have a cool concept about Bagoas' pregnancy. It's not the usual 'god or goddess' thing that I've used in 'Troy' and 'King Arthur.' Hope I can get on it, but until I finish up or start adding to the others, I'm not letting myself.
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