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Fanfic Inventory

This was inspired by heartofslash's recent post doing an inventory of stuff she's working on. This will really help me in getting (staying) organized about the stories I need to finish.

The appalling sobering factoid is the date these multi-part fanfics were started. It's absolutely horrific that I've kept the readers in suspense so long, making me even more pleased that I finally finished 'Fecund Knight.'

King Arthur
Fecund Knight -- finished!
part one, 2575 (9/12/04)
part two, 2249 (9/12/04)
part three, 3156 (9/14/04)
part four, 2798 (10/17/04)
part five, 3091 (5/21/04)
part six, 2783 (7/10/04)
part seven, 2739 (7/17/04)
part eight, 3300 (8/04/05)

Colin Farrell's Adventures in Slash (1/1s)
Unfettered Rest, 2644 (10/31/04)
Free Falling, 2415 (11/05/04)
Dust and Air, 6058 (11/27/04)
Auld Acquaintances, 5363 (12/26/04)
Doors of Perception, 2185 (1/15/05)
Fisherman's Excuse, 6053 (5/15/05)

Paris' Confinement
part one, Song of Apollo 2367 (8/01/04)
part two, Narcissus' Reflection 1655 (12/6/04)
part three, Divine Seed 1748 (12/8/04)
part four, The Taming of Odysseus 1894 (12/8/04)
part five, Sea Foam 2091 (12/18/04)
part six, Hector's Ring 2023 (12/29/04)

The Vessel
part one, 2260 (8/8/04)
part two, 1992 (8/14/04)

Boromir's Elves
part one, Aradol's Treasure 1566 (8/01/04)
part two, Dandelion Wine 1864 (8/03/04)
part three, His Coming, 2093 (8/04/04)
part four, Naegion's Bow, 1965 (8/05/04)
part five, The Protector, 2063 (8/15/04)
part six, First Chosen, 1819 (8/17/04)
part seven, Boromir's Decision, 2008 (8/29/04)
part eight, The Ring of Ubertas, 2240 (10/22/04)

The Plan
part one, Practice Makes Perfect, 887 (8/7/04)

The Passion of Celeborn
part one, The End of Ennui, 1785 (8/30/04)

Is it surprising that most of the WIPs are mpregs? And now I'm planning a multi-part 'Alexander' mpreg where Bagoas is preggers . . .

But I've left both Paris and Hector pregnant for more than a year. It's inexcusable. And it's got to end! (Vacation coming up soon. Must get these guys on the road to recovery!)

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