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A Year of Fanfic

Decided to do a chronology of more than a year of fanfic writing, since the past 13 months have brought me back to my old love. There were several fanfics I regurgitated and finished from the Olden Days, and some of these I dated (so I included in the list) and others I didn't (so I left them off). Anyway, it's interesting to watch how terribly prolific I was last summer and then again in December (during lulls in work, I guess). And it's alarming to see how it's all dropped off recently.

I included the fandoms to watch how it evolved. LOTR completely dropped off by November, after all the nasty stuff on and off the Legolas/Aragorn list. Eventually I'll return to that pairing, but more important, to my own pairing and alternate universe of 'Boromir's Elves.'

Alexander and Colin took over by November, not surprisingly, then 'S.W.A.T.' (more Colin). And now I'm forcing myself to go back and finish the WIPs.

Jul 12 -- Steadfast Jewel (LOTR)
Jul 26 -- Winter Wheat (Troy)
Jul 30 -- The End of Ennui (LOTR)
Aug 01 -- Aradol's Treasure (LOTR)
Aug 01 -- Song of Apollo (Troy)
Aug 03 -- Dandelion Wine (LOTR)
Aug 04 -- His Coming (LOTR)
Aug 05 -- Naegion's Bow (LOTR)
Aug 07 -- Practice Makes Perfect (LOTR)
Aug 08 -- The Vessel, part one (Troy)
Aug 12 -- Time to Sail (Troy)
Aug 14 -- The Vessel, part two (Troy)
Aug 15 -- The Protector (LOTR)
Aug 18 -- First Chosen (LOTR)
Aug 18 -- Dark Prince* (Wizards & Warriors)
Aug 29 -- Boromir's Decision (LOTR)
Sep 01 -- You and I (King Arthur)
Sep 12 -- Fecund Knight, part one (King Arthur)
Sep 12 -- Fecund Knight, part two (King Arthur)
Sep 14 -- Fecund Knight, part three (King Arthur)
Sep 18 -- Alecto (King Arthur)
Sep 30 -- Elf Trouble (LOTR)
Oct 05 -- The White Tree (LOTR)
Oct 14 -- Don't (LOTR)
Oct 17 -- Fecund Knight, part four (King Arthur)
Oct 21 -- Nights of the King (LOTR)
Oct 22 -- The Ring of Ubertas (LOTR)
Oct 24 -- His Succor (Alexander)
Oct 29 -- Summer Storm (LOTR)
Oct 31 -- Unfettered Rest (Colin)
Nov 05 -- Free Falling (Colin)
Nov 12 -- Lancelot's Birthday (King Arthur)
Nov 13 -- The Hairshirt (King Arthur)
Nov 27 -- Dust and Air (Colin)
Nov 28 -- Golden Days (LOTR)
Dec 04 -- The Ring (Alexander)
Dec 06 -- Narcissus' Reflection (Troy)
Dec 06 -- King of Air (Alexander)
Dec 08 -- Divine Seed (Troy)
Dec 18 -- Sea Foam (Troy)
Dec 19 -- Helen's Metamorphosis (Troy)
Dec 26 -- Auld Acquaintances (Colin)
Dec 29 -- Hector's Ring (Troy)
Dec 30 -- Twilight and Mist* (Legends of the Fall)
Jan 01 -- Doors of Perception (Colin)
Mar 25 -- Hanging by a Moment (SWAT)
May 14 -- Baldwin's Touch (Kingdom of Heaven)
May 15 -- Fisherman's Excuse (Colin)
May 21 -- Fecund Knight, part five (King Arthur)
May 31 -- Jimmy (Colin)
Jun 14 -- Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?) (SWAT)
Jul 01 -- Freak of Nature (Tennis RPS)
Jul 02 -- Strange Natures (Kingdom of Heaven)
Jul 05 -- Scars (SWAT)
Jul 10 -- Fecund Knight, part six (King Arthur)
Jul 12 -- Prescient Kiss (Alexander)
Jul 17 -- Fecund Knight, part seven (King Arthur)
Aug 04 -- Fecund Knight, part eight (King Arthur)

All in all, not bad, despite the hanging WIPs.

ETA: This is post 100 in my LJ! About time, after all these years!

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